Thursday, 27 June 2013

Arusha Luthern Medical Centre (ALMC)Nursing School

A little while ago I went with Lillian and Juliana 2 tutors from the ALMC nursing school to see the site of the proposed school which is due to open in September. The school is going to be held in a secondary school for the time being until a site is located and building is completed. It is very interesting in Tanzania, the Tanzania Nursing and Midwifery council are not only interested in the curriculum and teaching of the school, but the school has to provide accommodation for all the students as well.
The school hopes to open in September with 30 students. I am involved with them as we are hoping that their students will come to Selian to do their midwifery practical. That will be great for us to have more hands on deck but also I will do clinical supervision with them, while they are doing their midwifery block.

We also had the great privilege of having Euni Siminson coming to see the sight with us. She is a very gracious more mature lady that has been a missionary in Tanzania for the last 57 years. She and her husband came here from the USA and she was really the person who got Selian Hospital up and running all those many years ago, in collaboration with the Lutheran Church. Anyway, she was so excited to come and see the site, as she is having some students from the Masai Girls school being sponsored to train as Nurses through the Eunice Simonson Scholarship.
Juliana , Euni and Lillian in the dormatory corridor 

In the Nursing students kitchen

 She heads back to the US shortly to a ceremony to announce this programme, so it was so lovely including her in the future plans. 

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